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Andatech to launch new breathalyser MEGATRANS2018

Andatech to launch new breathalyser MEGATRANS2018

Andatech, an Australian owned company that designs, supplies, supports and services high quality alcohol and drug testing equipment to the wider transport sector – including a wide range of Australian Standard-certified breathalysers – will exhibit at MEGATRANS2018 this May.

The business will use the inaugural logistics and supply chain trade show to launch its latest breathalyser – the Andatech Sentry.

The Andatech Sentry is a new baton breathalyser that can take 12 samples per minute and even get a reading from someone who is unconscious as passive testing without a mouthpiece can be undertaken. It can also double as a flashlight and has LED lighting in red, red blinking, white, and red/blue.

Experts on the stand will provide free consultations for companies looking to set up drug and alcohol programs in their workplace, taking into account their specific requirements, frequency/volume of testing desired and level of equipment needed. Andatech will then recommend the best and most affordable tailored solution.

To join Andatech and other leading businesses exhibiting at MEGATRANS2018, contact Anastasia Razdiakonova: P 03 9690 8766 E