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Automation and robotics integration at the fore

Automation and robotics integration at the fore

Advanced Robotics Australia has signed on to exhibit at MEGATRANS2018, joining the growing list of manufacturing and logistics-oriented businesses already on board.

With extensive experience across a diverse range of industries and processes, Advanced Robotics offers unique solutions of automation and robotics technology and is well placed to engage with industry leaders in the supply chain and warehousing industry at the trade show next year.

MEGATRANS2018 will bring together industry leaders, experts and leading businesses in the wider national and international supply chain, including stakeholders in road transport, freight, shipping, air, sea, rail, warehousing and logistics.

The event takes place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre 10-12 May 2018.

To join Advanced Robotics Australia and other leading businesses set to exhibit at MEGATRANS2018, contact Anastasia Razdiakonova: P 03 9690 8766 E