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Checkpoint to champion safety at MEGATRANS2018

Checkpoint to champion safety at MEGATRANS2018

Checkpoint Australia, manufacturer, supplier and inventor of wheel nut indicators and retainers, will show its wares at supply chain event MEGATRANS2018 in May 2018.

Part of an international group spanning three continents, Checkpoint Australia began operations in 2001, and is now an industry leader in providing vehicle indicator safety products.

The company provides a range of durable loose wheel nut indicators and indicator dust caps, precision mounting tools, and nitrogen tyre inflation tags for commercial vehicles, including those used in transport, agriculture, mining and engineering.

Safety is a major priority for Checkpoint Australia, and the company prides itself on producing high-quality products to help the commercial vehicle fleets it supplies within Asia Pacific become the safest in the world.

MEGATRANS2018 will be a key connection piece within the Australian and international supply chain, bringing together those who plan, implement and control the efficient, effective forward flow and storage of goods, services and related information from product inception to the end user.

To join Checkpoint Australia at MEGATRANS2018, contact Anastasia Razdiakonova: P 03 9690 8766 E