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Consultel Cloud signs on for MEGATRANS2018

Consultel Cloud signs on for MEGATRANS2018

Consultel Cloud, an Australian private cloud company based on NetApp Hyper Converged hardware with data centres in Melbourne, Sydney, New York and London, has signed on for supply chain and logistics trade show, MEGATRANS2018.

With a dedicated team of consultants, Consultel Cloud is a specialist private cloud organisation with a wealth of experience in sectors including manufacturing, mining, infrastructure, engineering and logistics.

Consulted Cloud works closely with its customers to architect an entire cloud solution that is specific to their needs.

“Whether it’s a construction zone or a remote area for a mining exploration project, the last thing organisations want to spend time worrying about is their IT infrastructure – they just want it to available and to work,” says Benjamin Molloy, who leads the division.

Consultel Cloud’s mission is to make their cloud platform a simple, secure and cost-effective way for organisations to manage their IT infrastructure. The company is unique in that they don’t just stick to one cloud provider.

“We partner with major technology vendors, such as NetApp, who lead in solid-state storage technology, as well as Equinix, the largest interconnected data centre globally, to offer choice and reliable cloud services to our customers,” Mr Molloy says.

By partnering with the leading providers in the industry, Consultel Cloud offer access to multiple cloud service providers including SAP, Microsoft Azure and AWS across 180+ data centres around the world. This enables them to offer customers to store their data as securely and efficiently as possible.

The company joins the growing list of exhibitors set to showcase their wares and services at the inaugural trade event, which takes place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre 10-12 May.

For more information on exhibiting at MEGATRANS2018, contact Anastasia Razdiakonova: P 03 9690 8766