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GPS and IoT connected devices at MEGATRANS2018

GPS and IoT connected devices at MEGATRANS2018

Digital Matter will exhibit at multimodal supply chain and logistics expo MEGATRANS2018 this May.

Now headquartered in Perth, Digital Matter offers Connected Devices, designed in Australia and manufactured in South Africa, and software platforms in a turnkey white label ready format ideal for the transport and logistics industries.

Digital Matter’s Business Development Manager Stuart German said its three categories of devices includes: traditional GPS tracking devices; battery powered GPS tracking devices; and IoT (Internet Of Things) asset location and data logging devices.

“Our products report on our in-house tracking platform called Telematics Guru or can send data to third-party platforms. This easy to use SME oriented platform is white label ready for small tracking companies or start-ups looking to provide hardware and software to customers under their brand without getting involved in designing products and platforms themselves,” Stuart said.

“The battery powered tracking is all about innovation and bringing down the costs of tracking unpowered assets (trailers, dollies, bins, containers, equipment, etc) where the asset may not be high value or it is difficult to wire up a tracking device to the asset as there is no power supply on the asset. The Remora super long life IP67-rate tracker has revolutionised trailer tracking as we know it.

“The IoT devices are more about low power, low data, asset location devices that can use Sigfox and Lorawan, the new radio IoT networks (similar to Telstra, but using a radio platform, either publicly like Sigfox or privately like Lorawan).

“When in the tracking space customers can expect high quality accurate reporting of vehicle and equipment activities that translate out to usable data to improve business systems, work flows, cost management, driver behaviour management, FBT reporting, OHS risk mitigation, and above all service levels and improved profitability in a business,” Stuart said.

Digital Matter has over 500,000 devices in circulation in North America with its technology through a leading North American tracking company who have more than 1 million subscribers. Digital Matter started in South Africa, set up in Australia eight years ago and also has an office in the USA.

“Our products are exported to over 50 countries around the world and are known for their high quality, excellent performance and competitive pricing. As a manufacturer, we have designed our products to be easily deployed by our resellers using our OEM Server Device Management Platform.”

MEGATRANS2018 takes place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre 10-12 May 2018. Click here to buy your tickets to MEGATRANS2018 today.