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LSM Technologies to exhibit software and technology at MEGATRANS2018

LSM Technologies to exhibit software and technology at MEGATRANS2018

LSM Technologies pride themselves on being an Australian company. It’s been around for 14 years providing engineering solutions to improve safety, efficiency and productivity and has decided to join the line-up at MEGATRANS2018 to help them get that exposure.

Peter Woodford, Managing Director at LSM Technologies has more than 35 years in experience developing specialised technology for the Australian industrial sector and the supply chain and logistics trade show.

“We decided to sign onto MEGATRANS2018 because of the decision makers that would be there. It’s a new exhibition, where a lot of the industry and our customers will be, so there’s going to be a good crowd of important people,” Peter says.

“We have developed our own software and fleet maintenance telemetry system. It’s integrated technology that’s set to enhance occupational health and safety (OHS) with data analysis and live alert systems. With the Internet of Things (IoT) letting us expand technology, everyone wants big data, and our system helps to improve productivity, reduce equipment damage and add value,” he says.

The company develops its technology in Australia and has plans to expand internationally within the next three years.

Mr. Woodford says the business is hoping to develop and expand their electronic devices, telemetry and software for monitoring and learning.

“There’s a big push at the moment to increase workplace safety. We want to fill that demand with ‘fit for purpose’ technologies for heavy industries. One example of how we can help is providing visibility and proximity detection collision avoidance systems(CAS) around a truck, which helps improve safety because the driver is alerted and aware. There’s less damage that needs to be repaired if you hit something and damaged the truck, and improves visibility in blind spots, meaning more efficient driving.”

LSM is focused on bringing Australian made specialised technology to service and to help companies improve their OHS through the technology it provides.

Mr. Woodford says he doesn’t often attend many exhibitions, but he’s hopeful that MEGATRANS2018 will go to the next level and will be one to keep an eye on in future years.

For more information on MEGATRANS2018, which takes place 10-12 May, contact Anastasia Razdiakonova: P 03 9690 8766 E