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Melbourne attracts nation’s biggest-ever transport and logistics show

Melbourne attracts nation’s biggest-ever transport and logistics show

Supported by the Victorian State Government, Melbourne will soon play host to the most ambitious transport, logistics and supply chain event ever staged in Australia.

Aptly named MEGATRANS, it will make its debut from 10 to 12 May 2018 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre and will cover the entire supply chain from point of origin to point of sale – including the wider infrastructure and logistics industry.


According to Show Director, Simon Coburn, MEGATRANS is a direct response to megatrends such as population growth, urbanisation, congestion, demographic change and sustainability.

“Transport and logistics are not about transporting goods from A to B anymore – they’re evolving constantly and involve much more complex services,” he told CRTNews – adding Australia could be on the brink of a logistics revolution.

“Whole new markets will emerge under our nose as we embrace the sharing economy, Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence, while others will become obsolete overnight. MEGATRANS is Australia’s response to what could be the biggest industrial revolution of this generation – after all logistics touches every single industry serving the Australian people.”

Urgently needed supply chain and logistics solution

Honouring the size and scope of the “tectonic shift” that is to come, Coburn said MEGATRANS will bring together stakeholders from all sectors affected by it – ranging from road, rail, air and sea transport through to logistics management, warehousing, materials handling and infrastructure development.

The three-day expo will thus provide a “platform for everyone involved in planning, executing and documenting the flow and storage of goods” between the point of origin and point of consumption.

Spread across a 30,000m2 footprint, MEGATRANS will distinguish between four distinct functional areas, including Logistics & Material Handling; Warehousing & Storage; Road Transport, Air, Sea & Rail; Infrastructure; and Technology, explained Coburn – adding that the highly topical issue of safety features prominently across all sectors and modes of transport and will be a key focus area of the show.

“As the borders between industries blur, new, multi-dimensional concepts have to rise to the challenge, and MEGATRANS is leading the way.”

Providing a forum for industry interaction

Coburn added the show was meant to facilitate in-depth discussions on how global megatrends will affect Australian supply chains, uncovering new business trends and exploring new, innovative technologies along the way.

As such, MEGATRANS will provide the stage for not only the largest exhibition of its kind in Australia, but also a variety of international and domestic conferences by the Australian Logistics Council (ALC), the Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association (ARTSA) and the Victorian Transport Association (VTA). MEGATRANS will also host the Global Shippers Summit.

The show will also feature site visits of Australia’s leading supply chain infrastructure, Industry 4.0, a technology showcase, key industry networking events, ministerial and government department round tables.

Nation-wide support from key leaders

In line with that, MEGATRANS has already garnered the support of an array of industry partners and associations, including the Australian Logistics Council (ALC), the Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association (ARTSA) and the Victorian Transport Association (VTA), which represents over 800 employers and businesses across the entire transport and logistics industry and will host its annual Freight Outlook at the show.

The Victorian State Government has officially endorsed the event as well and is actively supporting it, prompting VTA CEO, Peter Anderson, to reemphasise just how important the event is for the future of both the local Victorian and the Australian economy.

“MEGATRANS will be the essential trade event for companies looking to be at the forefront of innovation, technology and industry collaboration. To be in partnership with MEGATRANS is an incredible opportunity that will bring increased value for all attendees.”

ALC Managing Director, Michael Kilgariff, said MEGATRANS was a timely opportunity to unite a range of highly fragmented industries and create synergies that could benefit everyone in Australia: “The Australian Logistics Council is focused on improving supply chain efficiency across the freight logistics industry and ensuring increased value and economic benefits for our members and the broader community.”

“As such, we are excited to support MEGATRANS, knowing it will play a vital role in connecting industry players to create collaborative opportunities and facilitate thought leadership engagement.”

Already a success

Coburn told CRTNews that with such outspoken support from both industry associations and governments, MEGATRANS has created a buzz from the get-go. Leading fleets and 3PLs have already come on board in support of the event, with more enquiries coming in by the day.

“The initial feedback has been overwhelming and clearly shows that MEGATRANS will meet and exceed expectations in delivering a comprehensive and unique platform for the wider Australian infrastructure sector,” he said.

“As an exciting new trade show, the scope of which hasn’t been done in Australia before, MEGATRANS will be a hub for industry representatives across the entire supply chain,” he explained.

“We’re inviting everyone to be a part of this game-changing expo format – from hands-on decision makers in the supply chain and logistics industry to CEOs, COOs, regulatory bodies, urban planners and government on all levels. Now is the time to bring everyone together and start connecting the dots.”

Key facts

When? 10 – 12 May 2018

Where? Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

How big? All 20 bays of the Centre; 30,000 sqm