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MHD launches Sustainable Warehouse Competition to debut at MEGATRANS2024

MHD launches Sustainable Warehouse Competition to debut at MEGATRANS2024

MHD Supply Chain Solutions is thrilled to announce the launch of its inaugural Sustainable Warehouse Competition. This exciting initiative is set to take place alongside the highly anticipated MEGATRANS2024 exhibition, happening on 18-19 September 2024 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

In an era where sustainability is not just a buzzword but a vital component of operational strategy, MHD is seeking to spotlight the pioneers of warehouse sustainability. The MHD Sustainable Warehouse Competition aims to celebrate and promote the ground-breaking efforts of warehouses across the nation who are dramatically reducing their emissions and implementing sustainable practices.

The competition welcomes nominations from warehouses that are leading the charge in sustainability, using advanced technologies, renewable energy sources, and innovative carbon offset strategies. Whether it’s through the deployment of electric industrial equipment or the adoption of cutting-edge renewable energy solutions, this competition is a platform for showcasing how warehouses are evolving to meet the demands of a more sustainable future.

Nomination Process

MHD invites warehouse managers, commercial real-estate developers, e-commerce giants, and other forward-thinking companies to submit their nominations for the MHD Sustainable Warehouse Competition.

Selected nominees will be featured on MHD‘s website every fortnight leading up to MEGATRANS2024.

The winner of the MHD Sustainable Warehouse Competition will be announced during the MEGATRANS2024 exhibition, highlighting the best in sustainable warehouse practices and offering inspiration for the industry at large.

For more information about the Sustainable Warehouse Competition and to submit your nomination, please contact

This article originally appeared in MHD.