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Peter Jones, Managing Director and Founder – Prological

Peter Jones, Managing Director and Founder – Prological

With over 25 years of consulting experience and founder of Prological, Peter is at the forefront of the Australian supply chain, warehouse and distribution industries. Peter has completed over 200 supply chain projects ranging from international network redesign, domestic freight, process re-engineering and change management, through to warehouse optimisation fit out, Greenfield design and automation.

Peter’s objective is to provide his clients with a competitive advantage, or what their competitors might call “an unfair advantage”. Peter is renowned for his innate and unique ability to look at the same situation as everyone else, yet see something quite different, to see something better.

At Prological we call this re-imagining. This approach has enabled Peter and his team to work globally and locally, to work in most industry verticals including retail, B2C, automotive, agricultural and chemical, manufacturing and mining, importer distributors as well as exporters.

Having worked in supply chain for 25 years now, combined with creating an unfair advantage for many businesses over many years, Peter brings an informed and unique perspective to the latest of supply chains disrupters, E-Commerce.